Friend added friend in News Feed

Every now and then I see on my news feed that my friend, Annie, has added a new friend to her account—I don’t see this news feed from my other friends. I am wondering, is this a setting that Annie has set on her account so all of her friends can see who he has added onto her account?

Is this a default setting? How would you modify this setting? In addition, can you target this so that only certain friends on your list will see in their news feed that you have added friends?

How to add “On behalf of” in Gmail

I have always previously use this, but for some reason now in Google I can’t add a custom email address and send the email’s via googles servers.

enter image description here

This is bad

enter image description here

The old screen looked like this: this screen used to show this:
enter image description here

Have google removed this fantastic feature? How can i enable this feature again?

Google Calendar Quick Add with end time [closed]

Google’s About the ‘Quick Add’ feature documentation says its parser should understand event descriptions like [Running w/ Pat 2:15 - 3 pm tomorrow]. When I try this I get an event called “Running w/ Pat” tomorrow that starts at 2:15 p.m. but ends at 3:15 p.m. (instead of 3 p.m., as expected).

The end time specification used to work, but I haven’t been able to use it for the last few weeks. Is there something I can do?

How can I use a single column as a normalized data point with multiple choices in Google Sheets?

I find I often want to have a column that is meant to be one or more choices from a fixed set. E.g. a Codebase field in a dev roadmap spreadsheet, which might have choices like {DB, API, JS, CSS, etc.}. A given project could use one or more options.

The natural way to enter that is just as a comma-separated list:

Project   Codebase
Foo       JS, CSS
Bar       CSS, API, DB
Baz       JS

However, that makes filtering and pivoting awkward because each combo is treated as a separate entry. Is there any way around that other than splitting each option out into its own boolean column?

How to unlock and change Yahoo Mail password?

I have a Yahoo Mail account that I forgot the password of. (I use it mostly because of Flickr.)

I tried changing it, but they have a bug that doesn’t matter what password you put it shows an error you can't use any part of your name in your email. I even tried using only numbers and shows the same error.

As consequence my account got blocked. I have waited the 12hs and 24hs (it tells you different amount of hours in different places), but to no avail. It is still locked. (I do recall my secret answers.)

I even managed to send them an email, but the automatic message said they will answer me to the account that is blocked!

I tried calling their customer service, but I waited 3 hours on the line and they never answerd.

I tried creating a secondary account to try to send them an email, but they force you to put a mobile phone.

Has anyone ever dealt with this successfully?

Hopf map is continuous

Consider map $h:mathbb{S}^{3}to mathbb{S}^{2}$ defined as $h(a,b)=(abar{b}+bbar{a},ibbar{a}-iabar{b},|a|^{2}-|b|^{2})$

Does it just follow by seeing h as map from $mathbb{C}^{4}$ to $mathbb{R}^{3}$ or am I missing sth, and it follows from somehow showing it’s preimage of open is open.