Skyrim Warriors Killing Me

I’m inside the ‘Sleeping Giant Inn’ and some warriors keep comming in and saying ‘We are going to teach you a lesson’ and then they kill me. I dont know why, I have not kiled anyone. If I go outside they are there. What do I do to make them go away.

P.S. I have stolen a few things from the inn before but I dont see how that would affect the warriors.

Is the Goddess Harp from Skyward Sword the harp Sheik plays in OOT?

So I just saw someone cosplaying as Sheik on Facebook, and she was carrying Sheik’s harp. But the person posting the photo – a mod from a Zelda Facebook page – referred to it as the Goddess Harp specifically.

It would make sense if Sheik’s harp is the Goddess Harp, because that would imply that it’s handed down to Zelda in the same way that, say, it will always be Link who gets the Master Sword. But is there anything canonical to confirm this either way?

Does hair grow back?

In the Witcher 3 when Geralt get’s a haircut to something shorter, does the hair grow back like the beard? For example if I get the long top with the pony tail but shaved sides? Will the hair grow back to long again?

What is a good style for documenting OS X hotkeys on web with markdown?

I often need to give instructions on using OS X hotkeys in documentation. I write it in markdown, usually on GitHub pages and sometimes on StackExchange. The keys are formatted with <kbd>key</kbd> = key.

In OS X interfaces the keys are usually listed together, with no spaces between. But OS X uses a well-readable font, so the string looks pretty.

enter image description here

But when rendered on a website, symbols don’t always look good. So there are two options: to either write all keys in one tag, or each in a separate tag

Option 1.

* <kbd>⌥</kbd> = `«`
* <kbd>⌥⇧</kbd> = `»`

Resulting in

  • = «
  • ⌥⇧ = »

Option 2

* <kbd>⌥</kbd><kbd></kbd> = `«`
* <kbd>⌥</kbd><kbd>⇧</kbd><kbd></kbd> = `»`

Resulting in

  • = «
  • = »

Which is best? Should I maybe add + symbols in between? (Which looks like a Windows-style to me).

Option 2a

  • + = «
  • + + = »